1.Who threw the bomb in the Legislative Assembly in April 1929?
(a)  Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt
(b) Jatin Das and Ajay Ghosh
(c) Chandra Shekhar Azad and Sukhdev
(d) Rajguru and Rash Behari Ghosh
(*Bhagat Singh and B.K. Dutt were asked to throw a bomb in the Central Legislative Assembly on 8 April 1929 against the passage of the Public Safety Bill and the Trade Disputes Bill which would reduce the civil liberties of citizens.
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2. Describe the Basic key points of Foundational Challenge to Democracy.
(a)  Making transition to Democracy and instituting democratic Government and bringing down the non democratic regime.
(b) Keeping Military away from controlling Government.
(c) Establishing a sovereign and functional state.

3. Why do banks keep a small proportion of the deposits as cash with themselves?
(a) To extend loan to the poor.

(b) To extend loan facility.
(c) To pay salary to their staff.
(d) To pay the depositors who might come to withdraw money.

4. Explain the three conditions that determine MNC's setting up production in other countries?
(a) cheap labour
(b) low cost of production and availability of raw material
(c) Areas where they could be Benifitted by the local companies
(d) Uninterrupted supply of resources (electricity etc)

5. Which one of the following was an impact of the Great Depression of 1930s on Vietnam?
(a) Japan defeated and occupied Vietnam.
(b) Price of rice and rubber increased.
(c) There was decrease in unemployment.
(d) There were uprisings in rural areas.

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