1.Which among the following were the first Indian community to start playing cricket? (a) The community of Zorastrians (b) The community of Sikhs (c) The community of Hindus (d) The community of Indian Christians.

The Swadesi Movement developed in reaction to (a) Partition of Bengal (b) Partition of Punjab (c) Jallianwala Bagh incident (d) First World War.
2.Who was Kerry Packer? (a) A person who popularized cricket through television. (b) A person who popularized cricket through print media. (c) A person who popularized cricket through cinema. (d) First captain of England Cricket team
3.Which among the following is a new right of South Africa? (a) Right to privacy (b) Right to an environment that is not harmful to their health (c) Right to have access to health care (d) All the above
4.Who introduced Scientific Forestry in India? Explain what is Scientist Forestry.
How did the forest Acts affect the lives of Pastoralists?
5.Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner? Mention any two provisions which ensure the independency of the Election Commission?
6.Describe the customs and the beliefs of the people of Bastar.
7.Explain the different dimensions of food security?
8.Explain how cricket changed with changing times and yet fundamentally remained true to its origins in rural England.
9.How do Gujjar Bakarwals spend their life on the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir? Explain.
10.What does the term 'shoe respect ' mean? What was the conflict related to wearing of shoes between Indians and British officials ?

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