Mail Merge in Libre Office Writer

Mail Merge is a feature of Libre Office Writer by which users can copy same letter/email to various addresses in an existing or new address book.

Following is the procedure to write letter (which is called 'Starting Document') to various addresses in new address book (which is called 'Data Source').

First we need to type a letter (Figure 1):
Figure 1 (Starting Document)
 Now its time to start Mail Merge Procedure:

Step 1: Select the 'Use the current document' option from Mail Merge Wizard.

Step 2: Select document type as "Letter"

Step 3: Now its time to connect to Address Book. Select 1. Select Address Book/Select Different Address book option.

Step 4: From the dialogue box that appear, select 'Create...':

Step 5: Fill Data for first recipient and press "New" button for second recipient and so on. At the last press 'OK' Button. You can also check various addresses by clicking < and > buttons. Save your address book and Click OK from next window (same as Step 4). Click Next five times.

Step 6: Select 'Save Merged Document' and 'Save as Single Document options':
and click on 'Save Documents' button. Save your file (this file contains different copies of letters with different address blocks on each letter). Click Finish.

Open the saved file (at last step) to get your letters with different address on each.

That's it!

For any queries leave your questions in comments section.

Best of luck.