Short Questions :

1. 'The nation building process in Germany has demonstrated the dominance of Prussian State Power.'Analyse three features of Prussia's leadership role in process of German unification.
2. Explain three features of Scholar's revolt of 1868 of Vietnam.
3.Describe any three main features of the Tonkin Free School ?
4.What were the effects of revolutionary upheaval in France in 1830 ?
5. What was Khilafat Agitation? Why did Gandhiji supported this Agitation?
6. Explain the importance of Automobile industry in India.
7. What is the importance of IT sector in the Indian economy?
8. Describe the three features of Pressure Groups?
9. Give three reasons that Why Democracy Government is considered less efficient?
10. Suggest any three ways to accommodate social harmony in the country to make life more harmonious.
11. Explain the main challenges to Democracy in India.
12. How is democracy a better form of government as compared to others ? Explain.
13. Why do most of the established democracies face the challenge of expansion?
14.How is democracy an accountable, responsive and legitimate government ? Explain
15. 'Rapid improvement in technologies has been a major factor that has stimulated the Globalization process'. Explain the statement with three examples.
16. How can free and fair trade be achieved?
17. What are the factors responsible for location of the Jute textile industry in the Hugli basin ?
18.What do you understand by liberalization of foreign trade ? Give any two effect of adopting liberalization of trade and investment policies ?
19.Why did the Indian government impose barriers on foreign trade and foreign investment after independence ? Give three reasons.
20.Explain any three functions of the Consumer Protection Council or Consumer Forum ?
21.“After 20 years of the enactment of COPRA, Consumer awareness in India is spreading but slowly”. Give reasons.
22. Explain the three tier quasi judicial machinery setup under COPRA.
23. What are the duties of consumer while purchasing the product?
24. Write a short note on Duke Matternich.
25. Explain the three features of resistance against the French domination in Vietnamese schools.
26. Explain the three features of Non cooperation movement on the economic front.
27. What were the reasons for the rise of Consumer movement in India.
28. Explain the Rights of Consumer as suggested under COPRA.
29. What is the importance of Manufacturing Sector in India?
30. How does the rising competition effect the small Indian companies? Explain with three examples.
31. Where do MNC's like to establish their production units? Explain three points.
32. 'Agriculture and Industry are not exclusive of each other. They move hand in hand.'support the statement with three examples.
33. Name the mineral ore from which Aluminium is extracted.Why is it gaining importance? Where is its distribution in India?
34. Why is it essential to use renewable sources of energy ?
35. In what ways do pressure groups and movements exert influence on politics ?
36. In France by what name was the Civil Code of 1804 known? State any two of its features.
37. Who was Paul Bernard? What was his view about the economy of the colonies?
38. Explain any three different forms in which minerals generally occur.
39. What efforts are required to use mineral resources in a planned and sustainable manner? 
Explain in three points.
40. Describe steps to be taken to minimize environmental degradation by industries.
41. Why has the Chotta Nagpur plateau region maximum concentration of iron and steel industries? Write reasons
42.Explain various ways in which MNC set up to control production in other countries.
43.It is not healthy for pressure groups to promote the interest of one section to have influence in democracy. What are the values it should support? Justify you answer.
44. How did Non-Cooperation become a movement? Explain.

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