Long Questions :

1. What were the various measures and practices introduced by the French revolutionaries to create a sense of collective identity among the French people ?
2. How did Nationalism and the idea of nation-state emerge? Describe.
3. Why did the people, who had earlier welcomed Napolean, opposed him later? Give reasons.
4. Explain the ideas of Liberal Nationalists in Economic sphere.
5. Who was the founder of Hoa Hao Movement? Explain his contributions towards his country.
6. Explain the impact of Vietnam war on U.S.
7. Why did the French want to introduce infrastructural projects in Vietnam ? How far were they successful?
8. Why did the U.S. government decide to intervene in the Civil War in Vietnam? What were its effects on the people of Vietnam?
9. Explain the movement led by Baba Ram Chandra in Awadh.
10. Examine cultural processes through which Indian Nationalism captured people imagination.
11. Explain the ideas of Gandhiji regarding “Satyagraha” in five points.
12. Explain the advantages of Roadways over Railways.
13. Explain the role of Radio and Television as the effective means of mass communication in our country.
14. “Transport routes are called the basic arteries of our economy”. Support this statement with four example.
15. How can Political Parties be reformed? Explain.
16. Describe the five functions of Political Parties.
17. Explain any four problem areas in the working of political parties ?
18. Why economic growth and development should not taken as sole criterion for performance of democracy? Explain.
19. “Political Parties play a major role in democracy”. Explain any five points to justify this statement.
20. Which are the two major sources of formal sectors in India ? Why do we need to expand the formal sources of credit ?
21. Why are people in India still dependent on the informal Sector for credit?
22. Why did the Indian government put trade barriers to foreign trade and investment after independence? Why did it wish to remove those barriers?
23. Who supervises the functioning of the Bank? In what ways is the supervision done?

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