Tutorial: Drawing flowcharts in LibreOffice

In LibreOffice, there is a bundled software known as Draw, which can be used to draw diagrams and flowcharts as well. Here is the step by step procedure.
LibreOffice Draw Icon
LibreOffice Draw startup screen. In this screenshot, "Flowcharts" fly-out is active on 'Drawing Toolbar'
In screenshot: A flowchart without flow lines in LibreOffice Draw
In screenshot: A complete flowchart with flow lines. Connectors fly-out is active on drawing toolbar.
In screenshot: Same flowchart copied and pasted in LibreOffice Writer. You can select the whole flowchart in LibreOffice Draw by pressing Ctrl + A keys and copy it with Ctrl + C. And in LibreOffice Writer just press Ctrl + V.
For creating text boxes to write in labels like YES and NO around decision box, use TEXT tool on drawing toolbar (the "T" icon)
For any other help, please feel free to comment. Thank you.

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  1. Thanks for the help! I have also found What is a Flowchart - Flowchart Tutorial using lucidchart and it was very straightforward!