[HELP DESK] for Class X 04.02.13 FIT three hour test

This is helpdesk for Class X 04.02.13 FIT three hour test.

Please comment for any queries and doubts.

Please allow 2-3 hours to reply your queries.

Thank you.


  1. all theory topics will be included? from where can i get whole syllabus?

  2. what is meant by digital signature in the e-commerce?

    1. Notes are sent to you! However check digital signature details here.

  3. Lovneet Chugh via email:

    1. Which tag is used to specify document language and why?
    2.what is a Dlink?
    3.which attribute of HTML is used to specify the text direction?
    4.what can be specified instead of using the color code?

    1.which contents are not valid in XML?
    2.what is validation? How we can validate XML documents?
    3.what is a well formed XML document?
    4.what are contents and how many types of contents are there in XML?
    5.which is better XML OR HTML.

    Social impacts of IT
    1.what is Encryption/decryption

    QUADD Response:

    1. DTD
    2. Dlink is not is syllabus. However you can visit this link for Dlink http://www.htmlcodetutorial.com/images/_IMG_LONGDESC.html
    3. Wrong question.
    4. CSS

    1. Content which is not according to XML Syntax.
    2. Validation means checking a 'well-formed' XML document against its DTD/Schema. Use XML Copy Editor to create XML documents and schemas and to associate and validate them.
    3. XML document with correct syntax is well formed XML document.
    4. Please do XML Schema instead of Contents.
    5. NO COMPARISON. HTML is for presentation and XML is for transfer and store.

    1.Download this image for Encryption/Decryption http://i.msdn.microsoft.com/dynimg/IC155063.gif

  4. Jitesh Khuttan via gtalk:

    Where to get Syllabus for 2013 Class X FIT exam?

    QUADD Response:

    Download syllabus from here and scroll to page no 219.

  5. Rishika Jain via email:

    I have problems on following topics:

    html comments
    html forms

    QUADD Response:
    For HTML comments click here.
    For HTML forms click here.
    And if you are not easy with CSS, leave it and do HTML formatting tags. However if you want to do CSS click here.

  6. Sir, please clarify that what is the role of sheet style presentation through CSS or XSL in an XML document system as XML documents mainly deal with the describing of information and not presentation.

  7. css in xml is out of syllabus. however if you want to know about it, we can discuss this after this test.