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  1. I have a doubt on the topic 'differential backup'.
    Please provide some information regarding this.

    1. Differential backup - A differential backup copies files that have been created or changed since the last full backup. That means only those files will be backup which are created after last backup or changed after it.

  2. 07.03.12 Live Chat Questions:

    Q1: What is online Data Recovery?
    Ans: In simple language it means saving data on internet as backup. You can read this too: Remote backup service - As broadband internet access becomes more widespread, remote backup services are gaining in popularity. Backing up via the internet to a remote location can protect against some worst-case scenarios such as fires, floods, or earthquakes which would destroy any backups in the immediate vicinity along with everything else. There are, however, a number of drawbacks to remote backup services. First, Internet connections are usually slower than local data storage devices. Secondly, users must trust a third party service provider to maintain the privacy and integrity of their data.

    Q2: What is the difference between rootkit and backdoor?
    Ans: Rootkits are installed on machines and generate virus files (or spread it). Backdoor is technique used by viruses to enter computers silently (attack.

    Q3: Are rootkits installed automatically or if we click some infected file etc? I mean it requires user intervention for installation?
    Ans: All viruses need intervention.

    Q4: Botnet : A botnet is a collection of compromised computers connected over internet .. My ques is : whats the meaning of 'compromised computers'?
    Ans: Effected computers with virus.

    Q5: What do we need to know about VIRUS HISTORY? I mean just brief history or we need to know details about it?
    Ans: Just idea, when first virus made. Type of early viruses and their targets. And how they become so deadly.

    Q6: What is the difference between Differential Backup and Full Backup?
    Ans: Look when you take backups all old files + new files are backed up from starting. Like in this pattern: file 1 is backed up, new file is file2, you when you do backup it will rebackup file1 and backup file2 and you will end with two backups: 1 - old backup (file1) and 2 - new backup (file1 + file2). This is what we call FULL BACKUP.
    In differential backup, you will have only new and changed files in new backups. See this pattern: old file - file1 already backed up, file 2 is new file. Now you take differential backup and end up with two backups, 1 - old backup (file1), 2 - new backup (file2). It is fast, as it is not taking backups from start. files which are backed up are not part of new backup.

  3. I have doubt in these questions-:
    (a)Mohan is working in a hospital; he used to keep record of all the patients and doctors.But one day when he cam to office he found he is unable to open his mails, then he found that his account is hacked and someone had changed the password.
    Now all his important is in his mails, suggest mechanisms with which he can get all his data back.

    (b)Name one recovery tool which can take backup data from multiple computers.

    1. In answer to question a) we can write about all general password recovery options (usually provided by email service providers like secret question, mobile registration etc.) And if saves his mails on LAN, then he can contact administrator and get his password reset.

      b) Data recovery tools (these are mostly online services OR paid software), which can recover data from multiple computers. For more info, please read such service help here:

    2. thanks sir i got it ....

  4. sir could you please explain the difference between structural and formatting tags/elements in detail?
    2)and does image tag and table tag have any common attribute?(previous year board question)

    1. Answer to your 2 ques is "BORDER attribute"...!!!
      Ans: Structural tags are used for structuring the html document/web page. E.g: html tag , head tag , body tag etc.
      Formatting tags are used for formatting the text etc e.g. bold(b) tag , underline(u) tag , font tag etc. We can also use CSS for formatting.

    2. could you please elaborate a little as for writing a 3/4 mark question..........

    3. give example of tags of both categories and this will not come for this much marks..

  5. Answer to your 2 ques is "BORDER attribute"...!!!

  6. sir GIVE me example of XML tree with root,parent,child element with proper path