HELP DESK F.I.T. (Holidays homework)

Dear Students! We are here to make our holidays homework much more easier.
F.I.T holidays hw:
1)Solution of Weekly test held on 7.11.11
2)Solution of Weekly test held on 22.12.11
3)Latest Updates [HTML]

Ask your queries, share the problems you are facing while completing the work assigned. We are here to help you so feel free to share your problems.
Comment on this post and please give us 2-3hours to reply!


  1. Please tell me that how many latest updates in HTML are required? Do we have to mention them in detail? Also do we have to gather information regarding tags only or anything else??

  2. At least 10 HTML updates are required! And detail is not required for more than 1 or 2 lines including source and date.

    Its not necessary to get technical about HTML. But wherever it is required to mention tags, mention them. For example if you are writing update about HTML 5 then you need to mention some of its new tags.